Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's that wonderful time again when I get to create another album (CD) cover for the inimitable Jack Grace. This process and partnership was established as a collaborative process from the very beginning back in 1998. Jock's colorful music has evolved over the years - as has his album artwork. I've been fortunate enough to be an integral part of the whole creative process for every one.

Our first priority was to create a new logo and tagline for the band that could be used as the basis for stickers and t-shirts and other swag. Jack had a great vision as the the feel of this one, so he went and actually drew it. He even used rulers and markers -a very impressive effort - one that was the basis for the final approved artwork here:

This will be used in a variety of ways on a multitude of mediums. Next step will be to create the CD package and the actual disc artwork. I'll be sure to share in not only the finished product, but also the process as it comes along. Stay tuned.

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