Friday, June 08, 2012

CeNita Vineyards & Cooperage

I got the assignment to develop a log for a vineyard named CeNita that would also have a separate cooperage (barrel making) business as well. After getting the overall story of the family heritage and getting a good sense of the style they were looking for, I went to work on an exploratory.

The client was attracted to the tree/roots combination and asked for further refinement.

I went two routes, one being the more "bendy" iconic vineyard type tree and one that was more native to Northeast Georgia where they're located. After an internal debate among the other shareholders, it was decided to combine several elements from the intial exploratory.

It was at this point I was also asked to illustrate a barrel graphic to incorporate with the Cooperage logo - which would help differentiate it from the vineyard while still staying with the parent brand. Now came time for the final decision based on the 3 options provided. 

This was a fun project because a lot of the brand personality had been firmly established to this point. I look forward to seeing this artwork on bottles, printed material in the not too distant future.

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