Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work Habits

Some people spend the bulk of their time talking about doing stuff. Others people can talk about it AND do it at the same time. Then there are those that just do. I think I tend to fall in the last category. When I work on things, projects tend to take on a life of their own and it's difficult to think to stop and chronicle the process because I'm so involved with the process itself. I've worked on paintings, logos, illustrations, print ad and poster layouts, digital ads, large format signage, web design, and myriad other projects without stopping to record how they unfolded.

One of my favorite projects was the chance to be able to help brand the Saco Drive-In. One of the country's oldest. It's a fantastic place that really conjures the nostalgia of nights at the drive-in as a youth. This was printed on a variety of apparel.

I then had the opportunity to develop a graphic badge commemorating their 75th anniversary.

This was one I did for a local photo competition called Shoot Maine. A kind of visual scavenger hunt theme.

This project was for a counceling group some family are working with. They needed a new youthful and positive brand identity. 

The client was so happy with the work he made a full commitment to the branding. Yes that's a real tattoo.

This was a fun, quick project for an iphone app. I was happy at how readable it was, even at app icon size

This was a painting I finished as a gift to my parents. They moved to North Carolina a few years ago and I wanted to give them something that would remind them of Maine.

This was a couple illustrations I did for Dr Ross Greene's annual Lives in the Balance Conference. This was a great chance to combine pen and ink illustration with photoshop coloring. The great benefit of doing the color in photoshop is if you mess up, you don't have to re-ink the whole thing like we old timers used to have to do.

I'll try and get some more stuff up soon - there's been lots going on.