Monday, March 10, 2014


I have had the opportunity to create a large variety of booklets, postcards, ads, apparel and other collateral for Benchmark Real Estate. An overview of those items will be featured in an upcoming post. I want to use this post to focus on one of their key points of difference among other realtors. Aside from  being known as a high-end realty company,  their point of difference is their integrated marketing approach to promoting their properties.

In this case, an event was created to drive guests to visit a beautifully restored home in downtown Portland. In addition to the entertainment, snacks, and variety of art on display, they had a chance to engage guests about the different amenities of the home in a casual "un-salesman-like" environment.


Here is a brochure created as a handout for all attendees to their annual conference

This booklet ended up being created in different sizes for mailings as well. This is it's original single fold 11x17 version.


Another opportunity to build a brand from scratch. I got the the chance to develop the whole thing from the client's vision. We started with a logo, then website, printed and promotional event collateral.

This is a basic overview of just some of the many items created for the brand. It was a lot of fun working with a client who has a great and sometimes irreverent sense of humor.


This client had some unique communication challenges in that they serviced most of the prep school and local colleges. They solely relied on subscription to their services. This meant that communications needed to be simple and straight forward, while still attracting the youthful eyes of the students.

Here is a variety of on-location signage and promotional graphics.

The client liked the posters and the overall look and feel so much, they chose to rebrand their trucks

It was now time to tackle the new website - the key was simplicity and to match the look and feel of all their current communications.


In this project, I had the opportunity to develop a brand from the ground up. In this case, a local realty company wanted to create a tour service that would feature some of their listed historic homes. The first task was to develop a simple yet memorable logo.

Here you can see the typical exploratory process unfold.

and of course the final product

Once that process was completed, it was time to create the various print and digital collateral

By keeping the design simple and scalable, it was able to translate across a variety of media.


A good friend, Chance Kelly wrote a fantastic script about the redemption of a washed up boxer. He asked if I could help him develop some graphics he could ultimately use as a movie poster. lo and behold, 2 years later, the film gets interest. They're now raising the funds to shoot the film and it looks like it's going to be a reality. I'm proud to have contributed my services to this project and look forward to doing more.


This was a poster I got to do for my very talented friend Jack Grace. I've designed his past 7 album covers for him over the past 15 years. In a future post, I plan to document every one.