Tuesday, April 04, 2006


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Monday, April 03, 2006

SPIKE TV - Branding work

A whole lot of work went into trying to nail just who the Spike viewer is. The notion that it was Maxim on-air was a bit too narrow to maximize ad dollars, so the search for a more broad audience commenced. All the while, in the creative department, daily inspiration was being put together in the hopes that something would click. These following images are some of the ones that didn't make the cut. I thought they should still be shared to at least shed light on the logic.


The assignment was to pitch the 3DO business by showing what could be done for their flagship game title: "Army Men". Vintage WW2 posters were the inspiration and gave me an excellent vehicle to differentiate the game within the stylized context yet stand out among all the other crowded, high tech looking game advertising.

These were the pieces that were completed for the pitch.We ended up winning the business and this is what got produced and ran.

SPIKE TV - Trade Ads

Spike affiliates always had a variety of initiatives brewing.This i a selection of some of the creative that ran in trade publications such as AdAge, BrandWeek, MediaWeek, et. al.

Man, I WISH they ran this one. We were VERY close.

Slim Jim

Back when Goodmark Foods was the parent company of Slim Jim, I had the chance to work on their creative. These were some comps of an idea that would shine a light on the whole idea that there REALLY was meat in the product.

Briggs & Riley Luggage

Had a fantastic opportunity to do an exploratory for some POS signage. These ultimately ended up working as an ad as much as point of sale.

SPIKE TV - Pros Vs Joes

This was a thrilling assignment because I got to meet and shoot with all the celebs in this first season's show. Jerry Rice, Dennis Rodman, Jim McMahon to name but a few.

TOSHIBA - Partner Promotion

Hollywood Video partnering with Toshiba for free video rental with purchase of DVD player.

SPIKE TV - Swimsuit Specials

Call it a perk. Call it a burden. Every year Spike would air The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special. Even though it was preching to the choir promoting this show to Spike fans, it still gave us a good opportunity to have some fun.

Bata Shoe Co. - Power Skate Shoes

These were an exploratory to announce the Launch of Bata's foray into the 'Skate Shoe' arena. The point of difference was the research done to make a better performing shoe.

SPIKE TV - Individual programs/specials

A variety of tune in advertising for tentpole events and one off specials.

TOSHIBA- LCD Projectors

These ran in marketing trade publications. At the time of their release they were the brightest portable LCD projectors available - hence the 'lumens' references.

Bata Shoes - X18 Reykjavik

Some lighthearted ads announcing the availability of a hot new shoe line from iceland.


This ad was created in 1994 while working at Northcastle/Rotando Partners In Stamford CT.
This was out there long before the Art Deco poster trend we are currently seeing.