Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Coronation (evolution)

To be very brief, my friend Josh made a fantastic suggestion when he saw my skull/Brand Royal logo. I took his suggestion, and couldn't be more psyched. I love watching a brand evolve before my eyes. In fact, I'm seriously considering a limited run t shirt.


A couple month's ago, A friend Leigh asked if I'd be able to do a logo design for team t shirts she needed for this year's Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain in Bridgton Maine. She gave me the the two teams' names - 'No Nuts, Just Guts, and No Guts, Just Nuts' which IMMEDIATELY got the ol' idea machine rolling. In the image above you'll See the final results. The ladies, as always showed an impressive performance in a tough race. Extra shout out to my wife Amy who has had an amazing season of triathalons and the like. I couldn't be prouder of her. I'm also really glad I got to contribute a little additional style to an already exquisite looking group of ladies.
Below are the 2 selected logos before the final choice was made.