Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Jack Grace Band

What can I say about a close friend, compatriot, confidant and inspiration for well into 20+ years? Well, to start, he and I just completed the packaging design for his 6th album. Everything from CD art, to T shirts to stickers. Maybe the fact that I, as a designer, and also enthusiastic fan, have been repeatedly blessed with the opportunity to provide graphic design to help express and promote a great musician throughout his entire solo career. The opportunity that the plethora of these projects provided, beyond designer's indulgence, was an experience of creative spontaneity at its most hilarious and kinetic state. I have always enjoyed the multi-faceted collaborations Jack and I have had through the years, and as always, look forward to more. I will be posting other elements of the work Brand Royal has done for Jack Grace in the coming days in celebration of a long and winding road of collaboration.