Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was looking through a couple of old sketchbooks the other day and found a few interesting items.
I threw the pages on the scanner and now I'm sharing them with you.

I had/have a bit of an obsession with tikis.
So much so it even infiltrated client work with Ocean Spray. Man, how I wish they went with this. I always saw it as a lush realistic rainforest rendering with all the appropriate mossy overgrowth. (this is another obsession that has made into some of my art in college)

i also like doing pen and ink work on location. architecture seems to be where i liked to focus in these books. Friends will recognize 6A in the east village (circa 1987)

Others might remember Last Oak, Kismet, Fire Island.

Or our first house, 1 Oak Place.

This one here is sketched from a beach in the adirondacks about 8 years ago.

This was from a photograph of a sculpture by the Polish Artist Stanislav Szukalski.

This lil fella was standing guard in a coffee shop in Amsterdam circa 1992

Couple of thumbnail gouache/watercolor sketches. Gas pump was in Cape May NJ circa 1988.

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Beth said...

I love your art! The tiki reminds me of one my dad carved for me in the late 60's.